Hands-on Elixir & OTP: Cryptocurrency trading bot – Ep 7 – Mock the Binance exchange

This is my 7th video in the series dedicated to learning Elixir & OTP by creating a cryptocurrency trading bot. We will create a new application called …


  1. Hey Frathon,
    Thanks for your videos!! what an amazing way to dive into so much elixir concepts and modules!! Learning a ton!!

    I encounter an issue in this episode. At the end, when you add the module attribute @binance_client in the leader and the trader of the naive application. You're specifying that the naive app can use the BinanceMock module without linking it to the binance_mock app. My code couldn't compile.
    To solve this, I had to add {:binance_mock, in_umbrella: true} in the deps of the mix.exs in the naive app.
    Did I miss the part where you add this line?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Just finished this chapter, thanks! The problem with trying to run this right now is that all the coins keep going down so I can't complete any trades 😂

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