HIGHEST PROFIT Trading Strategy On YouTube – MACD + EMA Divergence Indicator/Script

Here is the release and overview of the newest trading script to be released on the Trade Pro patreon/discord page. This was …


  1. Number 1 on your spreadsheet is NOT the most profitable strategy. It makes 80% GOA in 6 months. Number 6 makes 53% GOA in NINE DAYS. Number 24 makes 38% GOA in FOUR DAYS, which is 76% GOA in 8 days instead of six months. These are both WAY more profitable than number 1.

  2. So… it should be 80% GOA in 6 months, but in comments below u said that u recommend only trading it manually…
    How is it humanly possible on 5min timeframe to trade this?
    Bcs u have to take every single trade to achieve this result… day/night… 24/7

  3. When it comes to perfect maximization of profits from my investments I always count on Mr Steve Hendricks, he’s the best I have ever met and that’s why I always trade with him

  4. When you think you’ve lost it all also think of the fact that some are winning it all, a trader can only be called an expert when he or she learns the mastery of the market and that’s why I have so much respect for Mr Steve Hendricks for his guides and assistance helps me keep my heads up and I’ve made so much profits trading with him

  5. Seeing so many good reviews about how Mr Steve Hendricks helped so many traders and investors to earn their dream lives made me gave him a try and I’m happy to be earning through him now

  6. Please let me know how can I get this indicator. In link from the description, I can't find this indicator. I just see other indicator. And Please let me know, is that free indicator or not.

  7. Hello. I am really impressed by this strategy. I tro to follow it and now I see this scrypt. I never use srypt in trading view. Can you help me please with it somehow? Thank you.

  8. I really like you're channel but I cannot understand why you would create so many functionalities for a strategy you're trying to sell…. do you not know the most optimised returns???

  9. Hey, big fan of the videos! Been having some fun creating a few scripts myself. Wanted to know how you dealt with the possibility of "overfitting" in this strategy. The number of trades is also pretty small, how does it perform over a couple years period?

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