How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Beginners ( Gemini Exchange )

Disclaimer— This is not financial advice. this is purely for entertainment please do your own research and make your own decision if you plan on buying any …


  1. I'm new to buying crypto. I just created a Gemini account online. I just wired funds to my account. However I went to the Google play store and the reviews for the gemini app is AWFUL! I was going to download the app, but the reviews has discouraged me. Also, the customer service for gemini is AWFUL! And they don't offer several coins that are desirable like Cardano, Ripple and Monero. And users say the fees are high. As a newbie I'll use gemini. But I can visualize moving to another exchange as I gain more experience.

  2. I don’t trust Gemini. I deposited funds, gave they photos of my drivers license, banking info even my social security card, and yet they do not respond, by telephone or email and they keeping my money hostage for the past 7 days. They only thing left for me to give them is blood and urine samples. Maybe they then will either release my funds back to me or allow to operate. Either way with all this documentation they received, I could’ve bought a home. I will give them a few more days before I file a formal legal complaint

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