How to Deposit to Binance (Fiat & Cryptocurrency)

How to deposit money to Binance – how to deposit cryptocurrency to Binance (like Bitcoin and Ethereum) and how to deposit fiat …


  1. How do I deposit $50,000 or $25,000 into my binance account? It won’t let me deposit CAD fiat because it says there under maintenance when I select that option.. it’s been like that for a year.

  2. Hi Sir good day,
    Is it normal when you sell your Usdt in P2P transaction… when your done Confirm Received the Funding balance from your account it takes long before its transfered in Seller?? Last time I sell my Usdt its almost 10 minutes before my funding balance gone.. Please need some advice from anyone here ..Thank you so much

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  4. This is weird, everytime I deposit Euro on Binance, there is a fee. For example, they charged me 16 euro to deposit 830 euro. Also, they keep declining my cards which is very odd.

  5. Literally the only part that is confusing is completely skipped over. When you select the amount, how do you actually transfer it into the account? Do you do it from your own bank account? How?

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