What’s good guys? In this video we look at how to find liquidity pools within the hybrid system. as always, our goal is to try and …


  1. Wow thanks man another great video on mentality and liquidity as well as the psychology of Market Makers. I'm currently stuck in 10 trades covering 50% of my investment and there down considerably but ill get there, at least its not 100% lol. Your mindset will definitely help me in the future. Another interesting video with great conversation.

  2. Waaaa, this is so hard. So red candles can be recovered by grey candles or is it only green candles get recovered by red candles and red candles get recovered by green candles? Building shorts as the price goes up? But they'll just get stopped out or liquidated as the price rises!!! This is opposite land!

  3. I didnt even mean to fall asleep. I was actively watching it, so skipped setting my stop loss…. Woke to liquidation of 30k right after elon musk decided btc was not "environment friendly" anymore. I don't trust a single bit about him anymore. (Various reasons) and i am paralyzed to trade again. Keep on watching vids over and over and over.. i was irresponsible. Max STUPID Pain HURTS!

  4. Love this video man thanks for taking time to get this information out there Tino! I usually Just trade Eth and Bitcoin and im wondering with BTC dominance on the decline are there any other coins you apply your strategies to?

  5. I got more from the deeply intimate and sincere rif about your personal worst experience in loss, and the heartfelt run about managing your losses in order to learn how to lose less, and apply the lessons to future trades than I did from the technical side of the video. Great video brother. I'm learning so much, relatively quickly… and I imagine that I will be for years to come. Thanks Tino! Simple thank you's and words of appreciation can't fully express how grateful I am. Blessings to you and your family Tino 🙏 See you in the next live stream

  6. This has been the most useful trading video I've ever watched, answered the question that had been bugging me for ages about liquidity pools, not getting a straightforward answer from anyone I asked, Thanks Tino

  7. Hello could you tell us something about Polkadex I think it will be the next big DEX of the future like binance or uniswap and it is also from the polkadot network. Should we buy it? 20M Marketcap. Mobile app will be available on AppleStore and GooglePlay in September. Thanks for your video…Please answer if it's a good one. *

  8. I don´t get why MM opens long when prices fall and short when they rise… if they only recover vector candles precisely and don´t go any further, how do they make a profit? Can anyone enlighten me please?

  9. I have a question what would happen at 60k how would they make a New high if they recovered all the vectors candles Upto the 60k mark? Would they form new levels Upto 100k and have a totally new set up of vector candles on the road to 100k ?

  10. I feel like you read my mind are you part of Amazon I was thinking how cool would it be if you went over the pools. Thank you Tino you are the bomb Albert sent me your link and I started watching keep watching such a great teacher.

  11. Are the purple,, blue, green, red candles a setting only available on the IC markets or can I get them on other platforms? I'm in the U.S… so limited on trading platforms 🙄. I appreciate your trading perspective and knowledge about the markets!

  12. Hey Tino, I think you made a mistake at 04:14 – don't you mean the Market Maker will only sell when the price is rising? You said the Market Maker will buy when the price is rising. Please can you confirm!

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