How To Invest In Crypto For Beginners

According to a recent crypto report, it was found that ⅓ of Singaporeans do not invest in cryptos. In this video, I’ll explain crypto investing to beginners, what’s …


  1. I made a lot of cash back then in 2017 trading BTC I didn’t trade myself though. I had a trader but when I lost touch with him, I stopped trading but now I see the rapid increase I’m back at it. Still looking for a trader . I’ll try yours thanks

  2. But kelvin, in your other videos, you have purchased a nano ledger s and kept your crypto there but in this video you said you keep ADA in binance and others in Holdnaut? Then your “cold storage” keep what? Broccoli? 😏

  3. Hi Kelvin I have a strong interest after seeing your video. I would like to find out more on the crypto investment. How can I connect with you?

  4. Hi Kelvin, I’ve been very intrigued by the idea of cash flow and passive income but you only covered crypto side which is HODLnaut, and it’s very important to diversify so could you cover other sectors like real estate, stocks, forex, e-commerce etc? And also there’s one more passive income method in crypto you should check out, crypto staking. Thanks kor kor

  5. Hi kelvin, I love your video… I am a newbie and would like to learn more about stock investing… I wonder if u know where can I learn? Is watching YouTube video gd enuff?

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