How To Mine Cryptocurrency On Your Computer For Beginners

How To Mine Cryptocurrency On Your Computer For Beginners So you want to know how to mine cryptocurrency on your …


  1. For us beginners, can you please talk about proper antivirus for crypto mining? Does it have to be Norton crypto? And how do we disable the firewall so it doesnt block mining

  2. Help! The transfers page just says:
    "You have BTC automatic exchange enabled. All your funds will be automatically converted to BTC."
    How do I get to the normal page he has?

  3. If you want to start mining ALL types of coins go to @t its a reful so you get .00005 BTC to start with if you click my link and join my pool and we will mine in the same pool getting i done faster @t Look up the web site b4 clicking if you dont like and/or think its real just plz if you going to join up plz come back and click my link so we can get a pool going

  4. Is it possible to tell the software which coins to mine or not to mine? Asking because I wanna use the coins on a crypto exchange and they don't accept every coin so it might be useless to mine some of them in my country. Not a lot of options here we don't even have paypal

  5. so i have a question, i have 4 servers (not rlly gpu servers but okay) that all have dual Intel Xeon quad cores in them, would it be beneficial to let them run? at least one or should i do more …… (hook them up to share cpu power)

  6. While I was installing the better hash, My viruse scanner detector 3 – ransomware – Trojan.GenericKD.32437963, Trojan.Generic. 22882850, Trojan.Generic.23186901 ,………….
    When I fix to cleanup, it stops install and try to reinstall and again rasomware found.
    Is this common?

  7. Its impossible to stop the various anti-virus programs from blocking things, even when i disable Norton. Is there a miner that won't trigger anti virus? Is there a miner program that runs as one "name" so i can easily give it permission? So its a catch 22, if you want to do some mining you need to leave the system wide open and thus is the stuff is ever worth anything someday, most likely it will be hacked awaY

  8. Cloud mining will not be profitable as it is now, even if the cloud mining is legit.
    You can hold machines in some professional facility or at home depends of electricity cost.

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