How to profit from every fork? | Cryptocurrency Trading

I have helped many people profited from the BTG fork that happened earlier today and will try to explain how i did it and also talked about how we can go about …


  1. Hi!
    i recently got into cryptocurrency and i was wondering if you could make a more simplified explanation of forks and how to profit from them?
    p.s is it too late to invest into bitcoin? should i wait for it to crash then take the chance to buy bitcoin and then when it goes up i sell?

  2. hey JH, member of your premium telegram group.. loving It so far!!! but lately the calls have been at like 2, 3, 4 AM IN AUSTRALIA. Please start making calls again during the day or evening 🙁 I know your probably in Singapore so 3 hours behind?


  3. hello mate i am new to all of this and this is the first fork i have experienced unfortunately i wasn't very well prepared for it. when do you reccomend i should invest in alt coins? and do you have any advice for what alt coins to invest in? thanks a lot i have subbed 🙂

  4. Hey JH I want to start trading but don't no from where to start I mean from how many dollars I have to start plz help I tried to reach on ur telegram but u didn't reply plz help

  5. From what I saw, alt coins started get huge pump at 491,407. When I started moving my BTC to alt coins at 491,408, it was quite late. Can I actually start moving BTC at 491,407?

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