How to Set Up Your First Cryptocurrency Wallet – With Full Demonstration + Transaction

In this video, I am going to show you how you can set up a cryptocurrency wallet. Also, you will learn how to receive and send cryptocurrencies. ❗️Attention❗️ …


  1. ❗️Attention❗️

    My crypto-related videos can only be found on my YouTube Channel as I personally use only this page for my uploads! If you spot my videos or parts of it on other websites or social media, they were taken without my permission. Be aware of scams and if you can, report it!

  2. Hi Melissa, thank you very much for the great video. I want to start and buy my first crypto but I am not sure which one I buy first. Can I buy any and later on I swap between others? I saw something about usdt and I am not sure what to buy first and start swap btw other cryptos. Kinda lost still hahaha <3

  3. Good day! I’m having a problem with my Ronin Account, i’m using it on my Axie Infinity Account, I have secret recovery phrases but it seems that the ronin account that attached in my Axie account is different. How is that happened? 🙁 please help me 🙏🏻

  4. I'm very new to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, I read in your comments you also wrote you are now using "binance" , can you explain me in short whats the difference between exodus and binance?

  5. I was just curious why, when you transferred the value of Eth $10.47 and you also received $10.47. Why was the fee not deducted and reflected in the transfer? I ask because my own situation as a newbie I transferred 1000 of my asset and only received 984. The fee of 16 was a miners fee that I was not aware of at that time. Always a learning curve with cryptos? Anyway Your video presentations are great please do more. 🙂👍 Old guys like me not really into makeup.sorry🙁

  6. So… HOW can I move money from my bank into bitcoin into this wallet? Or can I? (I have 0.00 crypto and I need to get $20 usd worth of bitcoin in that wallet like now…if possible…

  7. LMAO at the error logs for I am a senior PC and network tech for a major corporation, so when my install of Exodus failed, naturally I wanted to look at their error logs: "This user probably shouldn't get beta anything!" LOL Talk about a RUDE error code! Well, it installed ok the next attempt…some glitch..but I LOVE the insulting error codes!

  8. You are Soo Beautiful Babe 😘💓😍
    I ever seen in my life
    Nobody implementing like you do
    Everybody is doing with the scratch
    What we don't wanted.
    Thank you for letting peoples know your knowledge I love you 💓 so much

  9. Bravo.Everything works but if I want to send crypto to other exchange they do not want let my to do it.They ask ETH fees.If you have not ETH you lost.Next -exchange to others crypto.You must have a certain amount to do it.Example:.82.65029063 DAI token you need to exchange to ETH or others.Really Fu…job.Thanks

  10. Good news! My first transfer from a wallet to my Exodus wallet worked! It was pretty nerve wracking because it took longer than I expected because I had to exchange Bitcoin to Dogecoin then transfer that from a Nicehash wallet to my Exodus wallet but yes, now I have 2.85 euros worth of Doge in my wallet! Thank you ever so much!

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