How To Setup A FREE Binance Futures Automated Bitcoin or Ethereum Crypto Trading Grid Bot Strategy

How To Setup A FREE Binance Futures Automated Bitcoin or Ethereum Crypto Trading Grid Bot Strategy. Link to Binance Grid Trading Documentation: …


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  2. What drives me crazy is that everyone is naming OCO orders like "robots". Not just on video, but at most bot sites. Damn, it's not a trading robot, if you can't use indicators from a chart. Whatever

  3. After creating a bot, my first order was a sell order and my position was "short" instead of "long" position which I would prefer it. After so many hours, my SL TOP PRICE was hit. My question is, what strategy should I take if I want a "long" position instead of a "short" in the first place?

  4. Hi RECON Trader,

    Thanks for the vids, they are interesting!
    I have a question: how do you arrive at a good determination of your leverage multiple?
    I'm asking because I have noticed that the X leverage does not matter with regards to the PNL.
    The PNL for each trade will remain the same no matter what leverage multiple you choose.
    So, if that is the case, why would not everybody ALWAYS choose the highest possible leverage since it allows you the least possible amount to put up front.
    This still confuses me, where is the catch?


  5. Guys do you know why upon creation of the Grid on btc/USDt it give me an error message saying that “before grid trading, select long short in the order form and complete the future Binance quiz on the trading page “? .. in regards to the quiz I have done it .. any help would be appreciated ..

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