How to trade cryptocurrency on KuCoin

In this video, we will cover how to get started with trading cryptocurrency on KuCoin. Shrimpy is a free application for cryptocurrency owners looking for a …


  1. < Amazing content! < 🤝 Not to sound pessimistic but, did you know that over 75% of us rookie traders lose all their money in the market $? It’s not the late night YT videos, or the PDFs, the market is just so volatile that it requires some certain level of expertise, without it you’ll ultimately loose out at the end of the day. I’m not saying be a quitter, you don’t have to be. All I’m saying is firstly, secure your finances. Tap into the secret power of investing that only the rich understand. I’m currently investing and earning from a firm (own by Mathew Nicholls) that I also came across on this same platform <. "He is a pro trader"…..who runs a training program for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how trading Bitcoin works. he fully monitored all my trades to avoid me making mistakes and losing my money. My earnings have increased drastically from 9₿tc from 2.6₿tc in 7ωeeks. To get connected, contact him on TE LE G RAM < [Mathewnicholls] < Tell him I referred you for a quicker response.

  2. Summed up in ONE sentences @ 6:04 [ ] :
    — — " Let's imagine We've executed some trades and … …"
    —>> Real title should be "How to IMAGINE trading crypto currency" 🙂 🙁
    > Thanks for posting (really), but can you show the process? Us Newbies will understand after a few trades, but help us get a few underway…. Step by Step

  3. Ya trying to learn how to trade and he literally went from almost telling you how to trade to skipping the whole damn thing and telling you how to withdraw the funds ones you execute trades? Wtf?

  4. UGH, when you see a title "How to trade cryptocurrency on KuCoin" you expect to at least see that step in the process! I thought I missed it & went back twice trying to find the place where he actually made the trade…BUT HE DIDN'T ~ NOTHING ABOUT HOW TO TRADE…what a waste, frustrating, it's time in my life that I'll never get back!!

  5. Hey guys I just figured it out on my own, you need to transfer funds from your "main" account to your "trading" account. Then you can buy. Its really obvious once you figure it out but were all probably used to pulling funds from one pot. (Robinhood)

  6. Too much talk. Too much setup for something that never occurs. Do this again. But with only placing the order. Don't mention any mindwash like discount or password or trading pairs or charts. No one ever made it to the point on this topic.

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