How To Trade Regular & Hidden Divergences | Divergence Trading Explained For Beginners

Trading divergences on forex or stock market should be one of your most important tools. Discover how to identify and trade regular and hidden divergences like …


  1. What if you have robot that us monitoring divergences and what ever other indicator for confirmation. Will shorter time frames then work? Im just now coding the divergence recognition. Im using it visually on larger timeframes but the robot can calculate anything at any timeframe

  2. Personally I think the Accumulation and Distribution indicator can also be used to find divergence…

    Personal I am using the Macd for finding divergences. Fast length(MACD)=5 and Slow length(Signal)=26 with a smoothness of of 7…Also have turned of the signal line and use SMA for macd/oscillator… That works well for me.

  3. Great video and very consise, im just an idiot apparently. Man this doesn't seem complicated as im following it but its hella confusing for me for some reason and I cant remember by the end of video. I watched this so many times and im still struggling to get it to stick in my small brain. I really need to understand this and im just too stupid or something. It's like I cant get it to click. I understand what you are saying in the moment but by the end I cant remember and am mixing it up. It's messy in my head right now. I may have to draw out each example and post it next to my computer and just let it stick over time until I dont need the drawings anymore. I suck at trading, trying all year to get this but I get it wrong at least half the time. Ive had some winning trades but felt more like luck than confidence in my analysis. I guess im looking to reset the table and simplify as much as possible and I feel like divergence is a key element to doing that, I just have to get through my thick skull.

  4. What if there is a regular bearish divergence (signalling end of uptrend) but also a buillish hidden divergence (signalling continuation of uptrend) simultaneously? In fact it seems quite likely that this could often occur.

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