How YOU can get rich trading cryptocurrency…MUST WATCH!!

Crypto Insight! The best trading strategy in history that has been used for every great and notable investor in history is not using indicators and subscribing to …


  1. Just subbed. Thanks for the info. I appreciate your explanation of the projections in other videos. Where can I find the charts or spreadsheet you use? Is it an app or site you go to?
    Like you use at 8:22 in the video.

  2. What do you think about the incoming regulamentations for the crypto market ( alt coins , tokens ) ?
    Do you think that if there will be very strict laws for the crypto industry , most of the alt coins are going to fail ?
    – And that could lead to a hudge money flow from those DeFi projects into BTC and others few projects that will fit in the new regulamentations .

    Let me know your vision about this 👌

  3. Question: what indication, if any, is it when say a coin is hovering around 0.38-0.41 cents, and staying stable at that price but yet 60% are selling and 40% buying?

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