I Built A Crypto Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade!

I Coded A Crypto Trading Bot And Gave It $1000 To Trade! Coinrule catches the next market opportunity on your behalf by automating your investments.


  1. This is funny… his bot will never work using historical data, crypto is notoriously unpredictable… now what would work is a program like Forex trading… you’d need crypto exchange accounts from all over the world, the more the better… a exchange in USA, BTC might be say $60,000 and in S Korea at the same time it might be $61,200… set a variable for when 2 exchanged are X far apart it executes a sale on the highest/lowest exchange… that really works but factors like exchanges processing times, and fees will be setbacks… this program with zero out within hours in trade fees alone…

  2. you should try backtesting your algorithm! ie. take your strategy and test it on historical data. You can also paper trade to test and refine. both ways you don't lose money and you can improve your algorithm

  3. LOL man, you could have just kept your money on ETH and you would have made more! Cool video though. I need to find a legit trade bot that will buy uptrends and sell downtrends.

  4. Often time we just look for what to invest in and usually encounter this problem,it’s either the money is too huge for what I want to invest or it could reguire more than expected.

  5. You have lost money for transactions, the setting should be more analytical on longer time frame. I think someone is already working on an ultimativ KI for this.

  6. Your video is very interesting and educating. I’ve traded over 300 cryptocurrencies with strategies & reliable traders. I bought my first ADA when it dropped down from ATH at 1.38. I’ve always been aware of ADA, but since I started I can’t explain how I made it this long without really looking into or buying ADA. That’s why I have been trading to increase my portfolio with the best analyst Mrs Canal Victoria, with her amazing skills through trading chart. Since then I have been enjoying my profits so far.

  7. Some EA's actually work, me and my cousin went through a huge amount then finally came across one that actually worked people think trading is a scam or gambling, if this is the case why has this particular EA worked so well?

  8. I think I get it keep within a thresh hold so it buys in low at say 55-60% dip and sells at a 15-25% incline buuut at that peak it doesn't buy in at say the 75-80% and only buys again at the 55-60% range again. instead of having it auto buy at a climb and sell at a dip you can have a lot of losses add up

  9. 🔝🔝🔝I couldn't have gone this far your true works has gotten me great earn even on BTC and USDT to my binance what a great opportunity from you Yktic now my family and I are so greatful for successful earn without error been occured,you are so right in your works kudos

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