Income Tax on Shares & Cryptocurrency Explained | Tax on Stock Market Trading & Bitcoin Income

In this video you will learn how much #Tax you need to Pay on Income from #ShareMarket & #Cryptocurrency Market. Open Free …


  1. Sir, people are telling that investment in crypto will be considered long term if we hold the money for more than 3 years. May I know what is the correct duration. Is it two years or is it three years?

  2. Sir koi person agar tax category me nhi aata ho or usko agar share se 100% profit ho jata h and share sell kar deta h to uspe tax lagega kya ????
    Please reply….,or share sell karne k baad agar payment demate account me hi ho or bank account me transfer nhi kiya ho tb bhi tax lagega kya???

  3. Thanks for the great video Sir.
    Crypto Taxation is based on Tax Slab.
    Is Taxation in Equity is irrespective of the Tax Slab??? Plz reply

    Sir, what about Long Term Capital Loss & Short Term Capital Loss? Can both Losses be waived of with Gains? Plz reply.
    Thank U

  4. If we buy 10 stocks, 6 make profit but 4 make loss, will the income tax be applicable on net profit after adjusting the loss ? Can the stock market loss be deducted from total taxable income (from all income sources) ?

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  6. Sir you are my Guru. I am a Phd in finance & I watch all your videos since your practical experience is above par . Kindly make more educational videos on cryptos since most of the indians are confused at this time.Thanks for guiding us in the right direction.

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