Investing in these two Cryptos!

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  1. Hey Akshat, Thank you for this highly informative course. Inspired from ur videos I have started my journey in crypto investment in minuscule steps. Regarding solana, SOL is considered as trade only coins in all major platforms which I came across. Could you please throw some light if there is a way we can use lend options as FD for SOL coins?

  2. Hi Akshat. Your videos are very simplified and clear to a layman. Kudos to that. Would love to see you shed some light about the pi network. It's been a while but they not yet launched it. Care to give your point of view Akshat??

  3. What about Polygon Matic which you mentioned in another video saying its architecture is better and efficient than Ethereum. And what about a detailed video about How we can analyze a coin fundamentally before buying, I mean what filters of factors to be looked at.

  4. Sir, I still don't understand what crypto currencies do. Will they post Quarterly/yearly results ? Please come out with practical videos on crypto like you do in big companies. For Ex. Infosys is a tech giant , we understand what they do in business and how the stock price behave. Like wise what does etherium do? Who are those people doing transaction through this platform? Are they HNI's or retail people? How money is flowing here? Please make a Q&A or a separate video on it. THANKS for reading.

  5. Thanks for posting this video on Crypto, Akshat. I have started my investment journey after getting inspired by your videos, followed by some market research. 
    Can you please post a video on taxation policy of Crypto in India? There is a lot of noise in the market regarding government stepping into Crypto transactions, given the increasing investment.

  6. Commenting just a couple of mins into the video : in the previous video you said you are bullish on MATIC, that's when I started considering it. Still bullish on MATIC? Or that has changed?

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