It's getting ugly

In this Ethereum Crash Analysis, we have a ETH Price Prediction based on a backtest of moving averages. Is it likely that the ETH …


  1. If everyone would follow that advice we'd never break above that average. We'd actually drop the average to ridiculous lows. I prefer to buy low. You can always add more even lower if needed.
    Speculating on opportunities and getting in early is where the fun (and the nice profit) lies for me. But kudos to your strategy. Over a long time period with a large capital investment it will provide fine returns as well. 🙂

  2. man you should change the name of the channel:) must be Objective Bitcoin Strategy 🙂 i respect and admire your style. and the best analyst as i see, hope to be premium one day soon:):)

  3. Would be great if you can do a video on your long term views of ETH and what competitive blockchains can take significant market share or potentially supplant ETH

  4. Would love to hear your opinion about ETH 2.0 and what it will potentially do with the price if it is either successful or not.
    Even though this might not be as "rational" as your other videos 😀

  5. Gerhard great video! I have been dollar cost averaging ETH for close to a year now and have been doing well but from watching your videos i’m really interested in trying your strategy. The risk/reward looks promising!

  6. awesome! although the vid is less about ETH but more about MAvg., still, very interesting. do you think this MA based entry-exit strategy could also work on shorter timeframes, e.g. 1h candles or even 15min.? cheers

  7. Basically you've got zero patience to hold ETH and you want to just trade it! I believe that the traders cause a lot of the volatility in crypto, so actually aren't you being hypercritical?

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