KuCoin Trading Tutorial (How to Trade Crypto on KuCoin Exchange)

How to trade cryptocurrency on KuCoin – KuCoin trading tutorial with limit orders, chart setup, and trading screen overview. Trade cryptocurrency on KuCoin.


  1. If I wanted to withdraw my BLOK from kucoin to coinbase, could I trade my BLOK to BTC or USDT and then send that to Coinbase? Sorry if its a dumb question, new to crypto, thanks!

  2. how do you attach OCO orders ie. I want to enter a buy stop market order with a sell stop market order as a stop loss? The sell order will only be triggered when the buy order is triggered and will be cancelled when the buy order is closed.

  3. the fact that kucoin does not in any way shape or form help its users put in the current price of say dag/btc and help calculate how much usdt we want to buy it at is straight up ridiculous to me. It takes unescessarily long to put in a simple order because of all the 0's. Binance is better because of that simple reason. It may be that I simply am too dumb to do this in an easy way to be fair, but aparently I am smart enough to put in an order on binance within 5 seconds.

  4. that was a great tutorial but the only thing you didnt explain is how to close the trade and if it is in your market account will it not be going up or down. please could you show us and explain that please. thank you

  5. I moved USD from Coinbase into KuCoin and am now trying to convert it to USDT or BTC. If I understand you correctly, I cannot do this in KuCoin and have to transfer my funds back to CoinBase and transfer my USD to USDT or BTC in Coinbase. That means I'm gonna get hit with conversion charges coming and going which sucks! Is this correct? Thanks

  6. This was extremely helpful.
    I transferred DAI to my Trading Account to practice trading with small amounts, but it seems Kucoin coin uses USDT. Would anyone know if there is a way inside Kucoin to either use DAI or trade into USDT?
    (a bit of a newbie here : )

  7. On the (SPOT) Trading Account…How does one get the "PRICE"-CHART BACK: CANDLESTICKS or otherwise? All my candlestick prices just DISAPPEARED – when I went to "FULL SCREEN" and added some trend lines and indicators. NOW ALL MY OTHER COINS' CHARTS ARE ALSO MISSING THE "PRICE" on the chart? I try asking for help, with "live chat" at kc but nobody responds? Please help. How can I get my "PRICES"-LINE back on my charts?


    I transferred my coins from Coinbase pro and they are lost.
    I verified the address was correct and transaction is completed
    They don't response to my emails

  9. MoneyZG would you consider creating a playlist of ultra-beginner schooling on trading? It seems that in every video out there, people are assuming that we know what they're talking about. Terms, acronyms, etc…

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