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  2. George you should have been more formal with the guys of DCA. It's not a good look to stream at the same time and to leave them hanging thinking you were busy for a day while you say something else on your channel. If we wanted to watch immature pedantic people we would go to Bitboys channel, instead we watch you because you seem to have class and you are knowledgeable don't forget the good values!

  3. < Always interesting to get your outlook, great video. The problem I had is when I entered my crypto journey I was 'taught' by all the wrong influencers. As I became more sophisticated, I learned to see the good from the bad, and in cases like this i advise you stick with a PRO. Bradley kelvin made $550k for me in space of a month and 6 days

  4. Phemex charged me bogus fees and won't refund me the almost $400 that they stole from me! Do not use their products or services or this might happen to you as well!

  5. All the people bellyaching about gas prices are clueless. The bulk of ethereum value transacted are from institutions and whales who don’t care about paying $50 or $100 in gas. Retail nickle and dime transactions barely register and the people who complain just don’t get it. Eth 2.0 + layer 2 = game over for most other chains.

  6. the problem is that PlanB was right the last few months, so I imagine many using this information placed sell orders around 63k. I expect similiar play towarsds the end of November

  7. We need to short the Victorian Government Coin Australia (aka Dealth Cult Nazi Dictatorship) This pretend Government, are going around with Army Personnel dressed as cops chocking out Women Children and The Elderly. They also have a vehicle that blocks all social media. They have now introduced 2 years jail for not wearing a mask….

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