MicroStrategy CEO on his outlook on crypto, Elon Musk's role in bitcoin's volatility

Michael Saylor, chairman and CEO of MicroStrategy, joins “Squawk on the Street” to discuss the volatility of bitcoin and his outlook …


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  2. Although DO:GE had been moving sideways since the crash on June 7, with the coin oscillating between the $0.30 support and $0.37 resistance level for almost one week now. The coin had picked up momentum at the beginning of June but it could not hold on to the same and it started to dip even before the crash on June 7. The coin saw some bullishness on June 13 as the prices had started to rise slowly. The MACD’s histogram indicated that since June 13, the alt has moved on with bullish momentum as there was a bullish crossover on 13 June. As its price dipped in the last 24 hours by 3.7%, the Parabolic SAR pointed to the beginning of a downtrend. DO:GE’s price can be expected to remain stable and move sideways. Finally, the Bollinger Bands remained constricted and suggested that DO:GE won’t see a hike in price volatility. But i will say the truth even if it bitter, if you are into crypt0 business then you need the help of an expert trader to lead you through so you wont lose money like i did before i came in contact with Vincente Sanz whose daily trade signals has helped me grow my portfolio. His also a trade coach, author and also a trade s!gnal provider that loves to assist both newbies/experienced traders in navigating the crypto sphere because of risk management and stop loss in his trade signals are the most effective I have come across. Every intending trader out there should get a Vincente Sanz, you can reach him using his tele:gram (vincentesanz) OR whats:app (+44 7380 353818) and you will thank me for sharing this information….

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  4. I just saw Youtube remove his video. It was live streaming, and when I clicked on it later, it said the account has been blocked. WTF Youtube??!?! IT is controlling your thoughts. Please be mindful of this!

  5. Although the region between $1.063 and $1.180 was not a major resistance zone for X'R'P, a breakout above this area resulted in a 30% rally in mid-April. The zone also helped counter a strong pullback in late April and another hike of 37% followed soon after. Hence, an argument can be made that this is an important region to assert bullish control, especially since it also coincided with 50-SMA. While lower highs were an encouraging sign since the May 19 crash and the market seemed positioned for a breakout, there was still some skepticism in the market. The expanded nature of the EMA Ribbons suggested that a downtrend was still in effect. Moreover, the MACD line looked to cross beneath the S!gnal line while the histogram noted declining bullish momentum. These signs suggested that X'R'P could remain below its upper ceiling over the coming days. This is the perfect timing to stock up your crypt0 asset, and there are two approaches to increasing your asset as an investor first is by buying little bits of crypt0 subsequently and the second which is a preferred and better option is tradlng because it is less capital intensive and more profitable. I tr@de daily with trade s!gnals from Bryant miller and my earnings has increased so much . I can boast of the effectiveness of Mr. Bryant's tr@de s!gnals and he also have some free courses on google for any tr@der trying to set up for proper profitability and he can be reached on 𝔀ℌ𝒶𝓉𝔰🅰️🅿️🅿️☞ +1(253)231-7125* or 🄶🄼🄰🄸🄻 (bryantmillertrade@gmailcom) for further tradlng advice on being profitable..

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  8. CNBC is one of the most biased new channels in the USA. They have agendas and try to trip Michael Saylor up, but they can't because he is way smarter and astute than the so called "journalists." CNBC's reporting is disingenuous at best!

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