MOOC 7, 3rd Live session with Andreas Antonopoulos (Basics of Cryptocurrency)

Join us with Andreas Antonopoulos in the second live session of another updated MOOC on Bitcoin and Decentralized Digital Currency , Blockchain and …


  1. I don't understand why you suggest inflationary currency is not as good a "day to day currency" as fiat. That makes no sense. Just because government steals value from us through money printing, and thereby encourages frivolous spending, and just because a person who has the choice between spending fiat, and spending btc would more likely choose fiat, doesn't mean btc is less good a day-to-day currency. It's simply that fiat will be stolen back from you if you don't spend it. That doesn't make it "better" as a day-to-day currency, it just makes it the one you want to get rid of quickly because of the hidden tax of money printing.

  2. Connection lost @10mins: "…zero confirmations for a newspaper, 1 confirmation for a TV, 3 confirmations for a car…" should be sufficient.

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