Most Powerful Leverage Crypto Trading Strategy [$100 to $250k]

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  1. man thank you

    I've saw the holy grail thanks to you

    on my current platform I just need 55% winrate with a RR 1:1,5 to gain around 10% monthly which is my goal, no need to be the 70, 80% winrate hero, no need to catch huge gains and make social media trades, just simply 55% with RR 1,5 and around 100 trades/monthly

    thanks a lot

  2. An interesting idea, pretty much anyone with a job can afford to risk $100, even if they have to save for a few weeks to have that money. Then there's no reason they can't do this on the side since this is only 1 trade per day. Obviously as you mentioned, trading in general is very dangerous for beginners, so getting familiar with how everything works with a paper account would be the way to go initially, but it'd be worth the dedication to learning, because imagine if you could afford to play with $1000 instead of $100 while still having that 66% win rate. Can't imagine making this my sole trading strategy, or making it the only type of investment in my portfolio, but I'd rather try something like this than buying a lotto ticket, more likely to win here as a total noob than win anything on any sort of lotto/ scratch ticket and some people live in poverty while hoping beyond hope that they'll just win.

  3. I have 90% win rate while trading btc on binance with 5% profit on each trade using 20x. The problem that I have is that if I don't put a stop loss there are high chances of liquidation. I turned $16 into $3k.

  4. I'm confused, wouldn't you get liquidated way before your 2% stoploss was ever reached? Because at 15x leverage, a 2% stoploss would be effectively a 30% drop, wouldn't bybit liquidate you way before that point? Could you please address how leverage liquidation and margin call fits into this strategy? Sounds great on paper but curious to know if these numbers could actually play out that way in reality

  5. i like his content but i do not like the crazy percentages click bates, day trading isnt a roulette you have to work with a consistent strategy that works over years and not over a day,

  6. I’ve never been that confident trading on 5 min timeframe, but this strategy is the best I’ve used. I love how you set the same % take profit and stop loss each time, takes any greed out of the equation, quick and easy wins. Love it

  7. Trading with Evelyn T hills have change my life from financially misfortune, I like to introduce you all to her and her strategic method of trading works perfectly well.

  8. Here I need to mention a few points
    First of all, there are no tips in the video tutorial, but in the video, the strategy test states that they are very important. Be sure to watch that video
    The second point

    I have to thank you for the idea that came to my mind

    Of course, I could not use your strategy But the main idea was to use leverage power properly in market transactions
    Thank you for this video that inspired me and also the Futures Calculator site works very well.

    thank you
    The important point is that the amount received bybit is slightly higher than kucoin, but what is important here is the bybit exchange
    The order information is not very complete, but in any case, I use both bybit and kucoin exchanges

    My English is not good and I apologize for that

    have a nice day

  9. If you can't see that he makes fun of watching you how much he bets … and above all, it doesn't even serve as a leverage effect as he says in his old x50 video don't listen to this kind of person x50 you are going to lose a lot really a lot of money .. i recommend the casino if you really want to play like this. good luck .. it's really disgusting man that you face videos like this in this world so lost because of you many will lose their money

    … trade in caron ..

  10. Talking about digital currency bitcoin, how can someone start up because I have been watching series of video here on YouTube and I have tried severally and I don't have any positive results

  11. Insightful as always buddy, on a professional stand point this pump will likely be the easiest to predict, all factors that occasioned the bulls last year are already in play, btc pushed pass its resistance of 45k level, also raising USD inflation is also playing a leading role in this pump. My last monthly report depicted a prediction of above 54k by this month. I will say a big congrats to those who followed my market review last month(it’s a 12% rise in btc and abt 60% rise in eth). Be rest assured Bigger things will be on play within the next two month. I’d leave More details in my review next week, enjoy your weekend buddies.

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