My Strategies For This Crypto Bull Market (my portfolio REVEALED)

In this video, I made some predictions of where we expect Bitcoin (BTC) to land in the next few months. I will also give you full disclosure of my portfolio and …


  1. Hey Michael! Could you name the NFT Funds you are investing in? I am in the same position as you, I wanna gain exposure but is not my thing to trade NFT's. Thanks in advance 🙂

  2. What your saying here is Great, Could u kindly show us how u do it? How u do bot trading & trading in general. All YouTubers talk about a coin or token after it explodes not while they r investing in it. If you guys did that I believe the market would grow better in general. Nice of u to share this information… what would be greater is, if you would show us how & when. Thank You

  3. THanks Boxmining, I have been following you for a couple of years, and Yes I am Asian as well so I know what it is to leave Money idle. Could you show step by step videos in your farming , thank you

  4. Next year Fed is raising rates. If we are to have any rally it should happen before that.

    Would be interested to hear more about NFT funds!

    Also, any insides into CREAM situation?

  5. This guy’s portfolio is over 20 Millions usd, his crypto strategy don’t apply to 99% of crypto investors / speculators .

    If you only have 10k usd or less , starting today 10x on shitcoin either long or short……Btc is not making you life changing wealth at this point…

  6. As like in 14, 17 and still till today. U. S refuses to permit its citizens to take part in biggest revolution in financial history. Only institutional players will be permitted. Ah well that's my problem. Michael I have been your follower for 5 years now. Cyber friend I hope. I am so happy Mr. Gox savings have been released to you. Happy Holidays.

  7. My strategy: dont buy stablecoins like ADA ever again. I bet a lot of people are super pissed for hodling their 2017 ada till now for the piss poor gains. On mana gala you could literally make those gains in days what you did on ada in years.

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