Cryptocurrency Trading Platform – Bitcoin Price Chart 29.06 – 6.07.2020 Fair Way to Trade Crypto. A game-changing exchange using an unmatched Fair Pricing model. Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin with up to …

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  1. For Bitcoin trading beginers on AI TRADA, turn on "Auto Duplicate Signal when strong buy/sell" it's a very powerful way
    to increase potential profit. Also anable "Force Index (FI)" for better visual graph for future prices.
    http://www.btcplatform.digitalis providing a soution of Best Pair Chosen.. I really liked this platform and willing to continue.

    Thanx for the video,
    A new in Bitcoin and would like to start trading? Please think twice before starting alone!
    Or use AI TRADA where they have been working in a trading bot, I read some reviews and they were nice
    The platform is not so old tho.. I recommend you to open a trading round every 6 hrs along with "Auto Duplicate Signal" option.

    I would like to comment something on this video:
    – Trading is not safe if it's done by human
    – Crypto trading is all about Best Pair
    – Crypto trading doesn't cost much capital for a short-term round
    – Trading algorithims are not published, they keep them as bank-level
    More and more of tips is done by a platform where you only invest and watch up your profits!
    The future is AI

    Thanks for this video.. Please next time mention about and what kind of algorithims they use that made me profit +7% for each trading round?
    I am wondering… I have been using it for quite long, now let's see with this BTC drop what could be the scenario:)

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