Revealing my PROFITABLE cryptocurrency trading bot

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  1. Hello guys I have one question about the bot. Has this bot all the functionalities, without the need to extend it and write more code? I am interested in buying it but I want to be sure that after this purchase I will have a bot that I can make it run and make profits without the need to add code etc. Thank you!

  2. There are lots of risk free concepts that don’t require arbitrage. Statistical arb, allocation rebalancing, capitalizing off volatility, statistical oriented momentum trading that has a much greater upside than loss and works in efficient market due to management.

    All crypto trading is really, really hard if there are fees, bot or not

  3. Gregory, hey man. Appreciate all that you do. Having trouble with registering for DappUni.Bootcamp. Sent an e-mail asking for help/advise. Any thoughts/ comments? Thanks!

  4. Hi Gregory, I am newbie in programming. But I want to learn my way slowly to one day be able to create arbitrage bots between dexes and flashloan bots, what programming language should I learn in sequence? I am thinking javascript, then node.js then solidity. What do you recommend?

  5. Using a crypto trading bot is a nice idea for better earning, but it’s very risky and unsafe, when using a crypto bot, there’s a high possibility of you losing your money and dropping off the market.

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