The 2021 Discord Bitcoin Scam: This Never-Ending Crypto Exchange Scam is Dangerous

This week, we’re exploring the 2021 Discord Bitcoin Scam, folks. Like I said, this never-ending crypto exchange scam is …


  1. so they can't hack us? the only scam is if you deposit the money? because I entered the link and didn't deposit because I noticed it was a scam but now I'm afraid if they hacked my pc or something and they can see my passwords 🙁

  2. can they do something with us for only joining their site? I'm afraid if they can hack me or something because I visited and signed up there 🙁 I didn't deposit nothing but I'm afraid if they hacked me or something

  3. I received one of these discord scam and I didn't deposit nothing to them because I noticed it was scam, but I entered the link for curiosity and now I'm afraid if they can do something after I joined and registered on their website, I mean I didn't pay nothing but I'm afraid they hacked me or something and they can see my passwords or something like that 🙁

  4. Ok so today I got one of these on discord and decided to see wtf it was, I got as far as me having to pay.So I jus stopped. I told my sister and she immediately said it’s a scam so I go on YouTube, type in the crypto I signed up for, and found this. MANNNNN I must be high or some cause I really thought the Pokémon discord team gave me 15 bands🤣🤣🤣

  5. If I remember correctly, the last time I searched YouTube was for a way to get back my stolen Bitcoin that I had invested in a scam platform.
    I guess I knew there was hope for me, I just had to keep looking for it until I found one.
    Here I am happy and glad to have my bitcoin back in my wallet. I wish I could see the look on the scammer's face.
    Here is my story, I invested in a bitcoin platform that I thought was real, I should have known it was too good to be real, but I had to see what chances I had with it, for a while it seemed real, but suddenly it was just gone, I was devastated and scared, I had just almost lost my life savings to a fake platform.
    The only question I keep asking myself is how can I start a new life, what a tragedy this is.
    I could still remember the shock, I was depressed for a few weeks before I realized that this was not the time to regret my mistakes. For weeks I watched all the YouTube tutorials about how to return my Bitcoins, I tried to reach out to everyone, who claimed they could help, yes, I lost a lot of money on the run because most of them are time wasters.
    Fortunately, I didn't give up but kept searching until a friend referred me to a hacker. I remember giving up, but he assured me that he would get my money back.
    Oddly enough, I'm writing this to let you know that my bitcoin has returned to my wallet – how he did it I don't know, but he's really good at his job.

    Yes, the world revolves around creative scammers who are always one step ahead of us, but the real question is whether we give up.
    If you need a hacker to recover/reverse your stolen/lost bitcoin, contact
    I'm 💯% sure he can help you with any problems in the crypto world.

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