The Difference Between Trading and Investing

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  1. Luckily I have started to make a years salary for myself. Half of my portfolio sits while the other half swings. For example, two of my holdings are snapchat and roku. Those are investments for a year to make 30% each. While 70% of my portfolio is in tesla. Half of my shares is constantly sold at new highs and bought at a dip to make a nice weekly pay. Did 50% last year. 110% this year. While matching my income I originally work. Just can't hit 100k a year to avoid a different tax bracket

  2. I swing trade options and have made 50% YTD gains on my investments in almost a year. Take a week off to yourself and learn as much as you can on options and price action and you'll have the fundamentals down to start trading. Invest long term in AI stocks. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

  3. I agree with the definitions but I disagree with the analysis. I am a trader by this definition and it has done well by me and I am no savant. I have some investments because it was the best play. But if you reduce the tools at your disposal then you limit your flexibility. In theory, the risk increases but if you can't assess risk properly for each and every position, just quit and try something else.

  4. For the first time I understand the difference between investing and trading. I watched so many videos on YouTube but this one make more sense. You’re awesome 👏🏼

  5. Day traders have no more risk involved than anyone else who starts a business; No guarantees of any nature for either. Educating yourself is key, as every millionaire+ will tell you.

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  7. I dont agree with u, when you are trading stocks, crypto or wathever you are indeed investing your money in that bussines (trading bussines), investor is any person that puts money on something expecting a profit, trader is just who is actually trading whatever they wanna trade, but traders that plays with their own money are investors, traders that plays with someone else money are just traders and the owner of that money is an investor, even if u are trading in long term u are indeed a trader and if you are trading with your own money you are an investor and a trader, i hope i was clear, english is my second language so im sorry for any misspelling, and im not a trader or an investor but this is how i think it is

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