The Ultimate Beginners Guide to Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency

We’re excited to announce a special project we’ve been busy working on recently! A free, online guide designed to help teach the masses about …


  1. Honestly, I am just getting led round & round in circles… I got here from your website, and now the link is just sending me back to the same page with all the teaser info but no actual info or videos.
    I just want to learn a bit more about bitcoin, preferably from a source that is not trying to sell me something (because I have already done a lot of currency trading, and while it is a fun way to lose money, right now I am just trying to find a way not to get screwed by the banks)…

  2. Good stuff here, insightful video. It is very encouraging to Possess a thirst for knowledge. Never stop reading and learning about this stuff. Learn to love it. This isn’t something you’re going to read for a couple seconds and just master randomly. This is a skill, and as such, you need to feed it. This is why I keep Jacob Henderson by my side to reach for professional assistance because working with an expert would be the best thing you will need. With help with your trades, you can reach out to<<hendersonjacob09(@) gmail com>>

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  5. to be sure, buying in now you really need at least half a bitcoin to make any decent profits. anything less and you get scrambled by fees and dumps. there is no guarantee this thing will get to 100k.

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