The Ultimate Swing Trading Guide For Beginners (ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW)

Swing Trading is a style of trading that consists of trades being held longer than day trades, but not as long as long term investments. Swing Trading can provide …


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  2. Question on this strategy, what if there is no retest? What if the next candle that closes in or above the zone is the same color as the trending candle? Do we not take the trade?

  3. ive started trading this year and just started learning about indicators and strategies. whats a good tool to use to show indicators and strategies on stocks and crypto?

  4. i watch this brothers videos all the time. Sometimes 2-3 times, still i notice so many ppl hit the dislike button. Now the brother on this video i do not know him. But i do know that in many of his videos not once has he ever stated to be a professional or anything else. Still what knowledge he does have, he takes the time to share with all of us for free in hope we can all find away to win with him as we go. How the fuck could u dislike that???? My brother i have honestly learn so much from ur videos and i swear they have started to work for me. thank u dearly…

  5. Dude youre the man… glad people like you still exist, giving out enriching information for free… Thanks for not being a jerk and not using novice stock traders as a money grab to build your wealth only. Thanks again, have made some money trading small amounts at a time due to you, only up from here

  6. Such an informative video! A couple questions I have.. how would one locate these types of stocks to analyze? Do you use a stock scanner? If so what would one put into it?

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