Top 10 Cryptocurrency To Invest In For 2022

In this video I talk about 10 crypto coins I think will make massive gains in 2022. $100K Crypto Christmas Giveaway: …


  1. 👆👆Since the day I started working with you….I know I’ve changed a lot, Your strategies and technique has really helped me to become a better person inside and outside…… you’re one of the reason why always trying my best….. you have influenced my life in such a position way and also change my view of investing.Thank you so much sir.;

  2. Interesting, I may change my portfolio, not sure but I currently hold:

    Bitcoin, ethereum, binance, litecoin, cardano, doge, Shiba, mana, dreams.

    Dreams being the worst by far out of all of them, and I haven't bought more doge or Shiba since summer since they're memes.

  3. Nice video and great work, Honestly the right information is what we need to succeed. I believe the benefits of a successful trade comes from an expert and that is why i make huge profit with the help Mrs Carlos Shirley

  4. Great analysis mate! I feel like investing in any of the mentioned tickers is worthy. I'm excited to see how would avalanche, cardano and solana would perform in 2022.

  5. I have $100 to invest in a new Crypto account I just set up. I'm trying to build generational wealth for my children. Should I buy:

    1 Terra Luna coin for $83
    $20 in Bitcoin
    $10 in Bitcoin and $10 in Eth and $80 in Luna

    Bitcoin $33
    Luna $33
    Eth $33

    I already own $ 23 in Bitcoin, $67 Ethereum in a separate account -my stock portfolio. I understand that in a stock portfolio you should only invest 1 to 5% of cryptocurrency in your stock portfolio. I hope you are able to answer my question and I greatly appreciate it. I enjoy your video and I just subscribed. Thank you.

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