Top Crypto Trading Bot Strategy for 2022



  1. i just make POA node using last geth and try to swap (on live internet) 5 billions coins that it cost 5 second and 1gwei and you things how much we get return from that ?

  2. Your ideal like as staking pool using bot trading and use account to verify or other way is POS but trading fee always over mining return, and you must cost to deploy the staking pool contract. Thankyou for your ideal

  3. When it comes to the world of investing,most people don't know where to start.fortunately,great investors of the past and present can provide us with guidance

  4. Hi Greg: I learn a lot and enjoy your programming courses, but , not just with your courses, I want to buy a class, do the labs and ensure that it all works. None of my projects have successfully work because all the ethereum app dependencies change so much.

  5. Did one from eat the block course name Flash loan like 1.5 year back. At the end high gas fees , insane price for deploying these contracts and front running its a waste of time. You need a dedicated full node for this infura wont work. Pay high gas price and if you miss opportunity then the amount of money you will loose in one txn is not worth it. So i would be wary of even people trying to waste money on this. I did wasted so just sharing if you are smart enough to actually make profit i am pretty sure you wont teach it.

  6. This whole channel is a commercial smh. You hype people up in order to sell your program LOL. You're going to show people how to create bots – REALLY? You're going to show people how to code in python and build a ML in one MasterClass LOL. In my opinion, this is sketch.

  7. How about miners/validators that confirms transactions in blockchain network ?
    They might realize that transactions that you send to them to process is arbitrage transaction and is always profitable, and they might steal that transaction from you and process it themselves.

  8. Own strategy is the key here…
    Dont think for a second you can just take a finished/almost fisnished bot and just deploy it and think you will make tons of money.. The competition is huge out there, with code thats tweaked and optimized be top devs and quicker executed because of faster nodes…
    Especially when code comes from a bootcamp, you have to tweak it!

    If you can make it work longterm, more power to you guys.
    I´m the first to gratulate you!

    Good luck!

  9. Thanks Greg! I did your last masterclass and I couldn't manifest it into the mainnet because the Gas Fees would overtake my profits. I'm excited to re-visit this with you again! Sensei Greg

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