Track your cryptocurrency portfolio and plan your take profit exit strategy in Excel

Download the workbook here Learn how to use and update the Cryptocurrency take profits …


  1. Hi Paula – just watched the video again. All very clear. Just 1 query about the initial capital entry. I started by depositing (on Kraken) the BTC & Eth I had mined. As you suggested, I will enter their GBP value as my Initial Capital. A couple of months later I deposited some GBP on Kraken, and then a month or so later, some GBP on Coinbase and eToro. Do I add these deposits to my Initial Capital?

  2. Hi Paula, thanks for a great resource, a lot of work went it to completing it. Unfortunately, it will not refresh. Privacy settings have been adjusted between private and organisational. When refreshing three alert windows popup with a query issues.

  3. Having Issues getting the workbook to work properly. Windows 10 system. Entered (1) $ Introduced. (2) Transactions Okay so far. As per video, touched Data, Refresh all. System asked me about privacy levels. I answered "Private" Touched Data Refresh again since nothing happened. Then system says, "Query 'Rurl' (step 'Renamed Columns') is accessing data sources that have privacy levels which cannot be used together. Please rebuild data combinations. Then I toughed, OK. System does not go past that place. Help Please

  4. Amazing tutorial! Thank you for sharing this with us. You mentioned how to enter in the transactions for purchasing, but what about the sales? If I was to sell coins, but not exit, how can I enter these transactions? how would you enter sales transactions and where? It's only allowing purchases, and the exist strategy is only when you want to take profit once it reaches a percentage. But I would like to do some leverage trading, and unsure how this spreadsheet can accommodate this?

  5. Hey Paula, Fantastic spreedsheat. I had started working on one myself but never this in depth. So glad I found your video. Also a quick question. I have been mining and have been getting a few coins for free, and I have sent them to my wallet, but would like to add them to my portfolio within your spreadsheet. How do I add them in as they cost me $0.00? I have temporarily add them in saying they cost me $0.0000001.

  6. Hello,
    At the beginning, words of appreciation for a great job 🙂
    I have a problem with calculating the average value per coin.

    For example, when we add two transactions:
    ticker – no. of coin – total cost – per coin
    1. ADA – 97.52 – $ 141.4 – $ 1.45
    2. ADA – 12 – $ 25.8 – $ 2.15

    This average purchase price per coin should be ca. $ 1.53 but in the "Exit strategy" tab there is $ 1.8

  7. Hi, Thank you for a great video and a spreadsheet. I have one question – what is the best way to record coins exchange (for example 1: I made some profit on DOGE, exchanged to 1.5 ETH and 2: bought 1 NFT, now 3: I have sold NFT for 3 ETH). In part 1: Do I record a sale of DOGE (decreasing number of coins I hold) in $ that is equivalent to 1.5 ETH on the date of exchange that took place (let's say $3k)? then in part 2: Because nft purchased on the same day was worth 1.5 ETH, do I record a purchase of 1.5ETH worth $3k? Part 3: When I sell NFT for 1.5ETH (now ETH is $4k) do I just increase my ETH holding to 3ETH (by creating a purchase of 1.5ETH that is worth very little, lets say $0.0001 – because that 1.5ETH is my profit that comes from thin air, I need to average my price of ETH. Sorry I hope this is clear, but this is live situation (in fact it is little bit more complicated, but if I got an answer on how to solve this part, I will solve other part too).

  8. Hi Paula – a quick question. I mine crypto, and then transfer it into Kraken and (hopefully) benefit from price rises. When I enter this transaction into the tracker, what price should I enter for the cost of "Purchase?"

  9. Thank you so much for this! I am using several crypto platforms – so I assume that I need one spreadsheet for each platform… or do you recommend 'merging' the values of several platforms?

  10. Hi Paula, great tracker! I have one quick question. We have SHIB currency and that one does not work. It keeps saying it needs to be added to the extra coins, even though it is already part of the 250 default coins… Am I doing something wrong? Thank you so much!

  11. Hey Paula, Great Job! Im new so silly question! As I purchased by coins in GDP, how do i know what they would have cost me in dollars, so i can enter in the spreadsheet?

  12. Hey Paula. Thanks for the spreadsheet! I'm having troubles when I refresh the data. A pop up box ask me to "ENTER CREDENTIALS". Then a drop down box lets me choose from "ANONYMOUS, BASIC, ORGANIZATIONAL ACCOUNT. I've tried then all and got the same message." ALERT. Query 'Rurl' (step 'Renamed Columns') is accessing data sources that have privacy levels which cannot be used together. Please rebuild this data combination". So I'm not getting any fresh data. please help

  13. Thank you so much Paula and Simon, this spreadsheet is a gamechanger! One question… how is the acquisition cost calculated? After entering my transaction history, the acquisition cost on the dashboard is significantly more than the total purchases. Is this factoring additional costs or should these be the same? Thanks

  14. Hi Paula, first of all, thank you so much for this! I have started to add my own data e.g. VRA in but alas, I keep getting this message:

    'Query 'Rurl' (step 'Renamed Columns') is accessing data sources that have privacy levels which cannot be used together. Please rebuild this data combination.' Nay idea why that is?

    Thanks so much in advance!

  15. Thank you so much for this! I've recently just entered into crypto and had a hard time tracking my portfolio. I truly appreciate the effort and generosity of your work!

  16. Great Sheet, Thanks Paula, but I had an issue,
    I want to use a cell from the dashboard sheet as a reference for another workbook but the dashboard is protected.
    how could I unlock it so I can use a cell from it as a reference?

  17. Error message when trying to refresh data: Query "Rurl" (step "Renamed Columns") is accessing data sources that have privacy settings which cannot be used together. Please rebuild this data combination. —–> What do I do, please???

  18. Downloaded workbook and cannot 'Refresh'. Getting multiple 'Microsoft.Mashup.Evaluator…. errors. I have Excel ver 16.0.4….. 64-bit. After download are there any specific instructions needed for setting up with Excel? Looks great.

  19. So awesome. Thank you so much Paula. You and Simon really did a great job with the spreadsheet. I have been looking for something like this for a very long time. There's always been something missing with the apps I used before, but the fact that you've also added an exit strategy rounds it all up for me. Thank you kindly.

  20. I keep getting "Query 'Rurl' (step 'Renamed Columns') is accessing data sources that have privacy levels which cannot be used together. Please rebuild this data combination."

  21. Could you please guide how I can add another sheet in the workbook (sheet having the trading data copied from binance) so that the buy and sell transactions be entered automatically in the purchase and sales list all the time, if found the new entries in the trade sheet. The trading data can be copied from binance easily. If this could be done than that will fulfil my purpose. Thanks

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