Trading Crypto with the OBV indicator

This video dives into the On-Balance-Volume indicator, a simple volume based indicator that can indicate both weak and strong trends. + We have a new tier on …


  1. One of the crypt0-market’s premier DeFi co'ns, SUSHI’s pr;ce action over the past few days has been very contrary to the movement noted by most of the altcoin ma?ket. While the likes of ADA and ENJ were still stuck inside a consolidatory pattern, SUSHI hiked by over 13.5% in over 48 hours. At this time, while the alt’s bullish momentum had come to a halt, it looked set to recover all its losses from the market-wide depreciation of 25 March. The aforementioned bullish momentum in SUSHI’s market was backed by the findings of the alt’s indicators. While the MACD line was well over the Signal line, the Cha!kin Money Flow was climbing above zero to suggest that capital inflows were finally stronger than capital outflows. Further, while SushiSwap is still a long way away from overtaking the likes of Uniswap, it’s worth noting that SUSHI is projected to continue giving double-digit returns to its holders. This is the right time for !nvestors to jump into the ma?ket, now is that period to be on the alert on tr@des and major news that would affect the pr;ce and find a working strategy for maximum profitability. I have had the great opportunity to use Vincente Sanz trades and he has been a good source of inspiration to me and my trades with his straTegies and signAls which has been so beneficial to me as an intermediate level trader, He has his free trade courses on the web that can help you get started. You can reach Gmail (vicentesanzofficial@gmailcom) OR WhaTs?APP (+44 7380 353818) for guidance on any crypto related assistance you require

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  3. Hey Bro, I want you to know that ur videos on Trading have helped me tremendously. You have a real nice way of expressing these topics in a way that is easy to understand! I'M SOO GRATEFUL

  4. What to do when OBV just running flat on choppy markets, no slope nothing and suddenly it breaks up or down and we don't get a chance to be in trade for intraday, please help

  5. Great content as always. Thanks for your efforts! Can you use the OBV indicator with the Heikin Ashi candles the same way as with regular candles? (to look for S/R areas and potential breakouts)?

  6. dude your videos are amazing, how the hell do you know so much about so many indicators and trading you look very young, you motivate me to learn more, study more, can you talk about your challenges with the psychology of trading, like discipline, overtrading, etc and how you have dealt with that?

  7. Again me. I have one more if you can please… I have chart published on twitter and you can check it… Well I went short on BTC many times… And I put my stop-lose on S/R (2,5 to 5% more) and for some reason It always hit my stop lose. For example on 1H chart RSI is going down MFI and MACD 🙂 Is it better to set Alarm or using stop?

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