Turn $9,000 into $1.5 Million – Crypto Profit to Real Estate Investing 🤑😱

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  2. Smashed the like button on this . Several intelligent people are terrible investors because they face the market with untrained psychology and untamed emotions. . You need to keep raw, irrational emotion under control.

  3. Bitcoin trading is easier and valuable that gonna change life for better, bitcoin is really important because it is not correlated to the rest of the market.With the rising number of platforms offering the exchanges, people are making real money in the comfort of their homes. All you need is a good investment and understand where to buy the currency so you gonna turn $9k into $1.5 million with the power of technology you can earn a decent salary by offering what you’re specialized.

  4. Binarytechs on instagram saves me the stress of having to mine or worry about inflations.. so long i get 10% of my total investment every week which is withdrawable I'm good.. i Strongly recommend Binarytechs on instagram..

  5. 04:16 – hold up…$150k out then into 5 properties ($30k down) does not allow for income tax due from the $150k which can vary due to your current income. Also, spending all of your seed money does allow for any mistakes. I already own rental property and stuff comes up quick that you need to be able to write checks for. There’s more but would caution your viewers to move slowly and not all at once. If that rental is empty for a few months it can crush a years earnings not to mention making it tough to make a mortgage payment.

  6. Rental properties are a nightmare right now. Steer clear folks. It seems like a good deal but you can lose a LOT! Plus it's super stressful. Barely worth it imho.

    Just focus on OWNING your own home and car free and clear and having some sort of recurring monthly stipend like ssi or some retirement.

    Why be stressed out all the time?

  7. Crow… i did the polar opposite. I entered crypto with realestate profits. Im forty and sick of the headaches of being a landlord. Crypto allows true "passive" income with staking. Yield farming etc. And you don't have to do shit! No calls in the middle of the night. No chasing rent. No fixing up after people trash your place. It's rarely smooth sailing. Crypto requires no energy… very little time once your properly positioned. And you said yourself ada is 30$ asset at 1T market cap. Your plan nets 1.5mil in 20 years with 20 years of work and stress through realestate "if" it all goes perfectly to plan. Why not just hodl your 100k ada for 7 years don't lift a finger and your looking at 3mil. Set and forget. Your 5k ada staking reward at that point is then bringing you 150k passive at 30$ a piece and your not selling your original investment just selling your rewards for cash flow. Risky? Sure. But realestate is as well. Id think it through. Am i crazy?

  8. Many homeowners are renting rooms out and gaining more income that renting the entire home to one tenant. One owner lives on the patio conversion and rented the rest of the house out at $3,500 a month in northern Los Angeles. Finding a property that is street to street or a large wide lot might allow for building a guest house. Building a large RV garage can be rented out as high as $750 month without having to deal with live in tenants just a big RV inside the large garage that could be built at a lower price than housing requirements. Renting a house to someone who operates a senior care center is another project worth investigating. It would require a one story home that is level.

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