Ultimate Bitcoin Trading Setup! | HoloLens Mixed Reality!

Hello Everyone! Today we are going to be setting up the ultimate cryptocurrency trading office!! We grab a bunch of holograms …


  1. you miss tradingview… the way everyone planning making money. its only crazy people who only see bitcoin xrp live chart. then buy it on trading platform. thats not the way of trader. A trader is someone that know what is support and resistance

  2. Can't wait to see what HoloLens 2 has to offer. I'm super excited for more input gestures (fingers crossed). For those who don't have much HoloLens experience, one limiting thing is that the HoloLens alone only has the "airtap" gesture demonstrated by Eric. It's easy to do and works well, but you really only have that (you can tap and hold, and drag your hand, but not much else). Aside from that, there are voice commands. Voice commands have to be developed into software, so unfortunately a user can't program the command "open coinbase" to open a browser (to my knowldge. I only have a developer perspective). Something that would be super neat is a coin trading application where you can say via speech recognition "coinbase trade 1 Bitcoin for ethereum" and have super quick tasks done, because right now, it seems like this would mainly be useful for monitoring. Also keep in mind, any bluetooth device will for the most part work with the current HoloLens, so if you have a bluetooth keyboard, XBox controller, etc, you can in theory use that (although results may vary depending on what you are using).

    I think that as the technology becomes more accessible and as people become more accepting of the true potential it has, this will be in every office building and every home. HoloLens is the first somewhat accessible true Mixed-Reality device, and speaking from experience, there is nothing close to what it can do. This is the first finalized version of this technology, and I can say that if I was a big crypto-trader, I'd already have one for a setup like this. So for those people who are here for the bitcoin aspect of the video with no HoloLens/mixed reality/AR experience, I wouldn't buy one just yet, but be ready to jump on it, because this is the undeniable future of technology, not only for entertainment.

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