Today we are talking about some trading opportunities for bitcoin, ethereum and cardano APPLY AS A VOICEOVER ARTIST HERE: …


  1. Bitcoin is still following the same daily pattern as per the ATH in May😱 Let’s hope it stops soon as it could go to $52k and a dead cat bounce to c$65k and it over😫😫

  2. There wouldn't be a big pump or price up action when stupid US Market is trading. Dun you guy realise US Market only know how to dump and panic sell that's all. Always sell and sell. Dumb as fk

  3. This bull market Bitcoin never falls to the "obvious" support levels, where everyone wants to reload. It will pump back up soon and leave people waiting for lower prices empty handed

  4. Hello, good morning, would you please make a video on how to activate the bonuses on the various platforms that have your referals, for example on Bybit what bonus do I get if I pay $ 2,000? How soon can I withdraw the $ 2,000 and trade with the bonus? Thanks

  5. Best crypto youtuber. Not like the others that spend the whole video talking about their bonuses and being continuously bullish when the market shows clear signs of weakness. Thank a lot ! Keep up the good work mate !

  6. SEC in the pocket of banks not hard to see but investing make up the top notch hemisphere of the wealth, thats the more reason one should save and invest to secure profit and ensure success

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