What does trading pairs mean in cryptocurrency trading?

Trading pairs in cryptocurrency trading is when two different types of currency are traded against each other – crypto to crypto or crypto to local currencies and …


  1. Jade Currency, due to its totally innovative project and with a CEO already renowned in the market, has a potential for $1 in the medium term. It is being listed on several exchanges.

  2. Investing in digital currencies will be a way of safeguarding a future of financial freedom. More and more organizationsare beginning to transact with digital currencies, the world is fast changing. As a matter of fact digital assets are gaining so much traction as they are not subject to political influence. Investments like stock and forex have become profitable and very good options in securing a better financial life Many top dogs out there do it, I mean that’s why they are at the “TOP”. I really feel everyone looking to get some financial security should make investments. Although I don’t manage or make my investments myself LOL i let an expert do all the analysis and calculations . She’s really good and experienced. With Mrs Rachel your profit is assured, working with her has been a very wonderful experience you can reach her on Whatsapp ⬇️+14422433874  and rachelbrookemonique@gmail.com

  3. Bitcoin Price Started a corrective wave after a sharp upward move, bitcoin traded close to the $12,500 resistance just recently against the US Dollar, now the asset is trading at $11,800 region. However, now is the best time to trade the little you hodl, for me it's been a massive success because I have been able to achieve nice profits by trading with Crypto Mileage CoinApp. During my first month, I was able to accumulate and grow my portfolio from 5 btc to 12 btc which many will agree is a very good profit ratio.

  4. Hi, question on trading dash/BTC pair. Conceptually is the goal for the dash/btc pair to end up with more dash? Because that is my goal. Also, is monitoring the ratio between the two more important then monitoring the price? For example if btc is going up while dash is going down would that be a good signal to consider the trade?

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