What is an Altcoin? | Cryptocurrency Basics

We’ve all heard of Bitcoin, but what is an Altcoin? This video is an easy and quick explanation, telling you everything you need to …


  1. Brother i have a question? related to altcoin.
    For example i have etherum with amount 0.1.
    I want to increase this using from 0.1 to .12 or .18for example so what i need to do can i trade to WBTC/ETH is it correct way to inrease your Etherum value or i m saying wrong?
    Need a suggestion.
    Remember i m not talking about fiat Coin spot trading i m talking about alt coin trading.
    All i need to increase my Etherum.

  2. damn such good and easy explaination. on other channels if i want ans to simple question they will drag that thing for 3 hours telling all about their life ffs.
    hope more people make content like you
    Thankyou and i sub you

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