What is cryptocurrency? Explained and Simplified for the beginners.

Hello guys, If you want to get involved and get started with this revolutionary industry that is, Cryptocurrencies, you have come to …


  1. Great job bro on the detail and predicting a great way of barter system with utilizing technology as a medium!! As far as I know I guess it has a Japanese root; as one of the farmer did introduced bit coin as way of bartering his liabilities…
    Keep up the good work and as far as trade market is concerned in the USA the bit coins are talk of the town!
    So hope for the best bro!👍👍

  2. great peace of info your video is so awesome.. brother could you please explain how we can invest in crypto here from nepal because till date its still illegal.. what are other good options besides bitcoin which already hits the greatest value so far.. because there will be a day when other coins will override bitcoins i guess..

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