What is Staking Cryptocurrency? Crypto Staking Explained Simply

What is staking cryptocurrency? Crypto staking explained simply – Crypto staking requires coin-holders to lock or “stake” their coins for set periods in order to …


  1. thank you so much for your clear and smart descriptions and metaphors– you and one other channel are the absolute class for me as I know nothing about this but I'm ddetermined to learn it.

  2. Jst getting in is difficult in its self and having to keep your coins in for a couple of yrs? Idk.. Not knowing how much of a return you'll receive when you start. Gee, it sounds so appealing;)

  3. Question, the normal consumer staking yeah offered by Binance, coinbase etc, do the consumers take part in solving the equation or is that part handled by Binance or the exchange offering the service? thanks

  4. Im kinda confused. If i steak coin – i then have to forge a block… does that require me to do anything or have a good computer? thanks for the vid by the way – most of it was useful for me – im just complete noob thats all.

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