Where Should I Invest $500 In Cryptocurrency?

A viewer asked me where they should invest $500. Bitcoin? Ethereum? Maybe a different, smaller crypto with more potential? Here’s the truth. Crypto or not …


  1. Imo one of the worst mistakes a new crypto investor could make is chasing the bull market rise too crazily or greedily.

    This weekend I was in & out a bunch of times during the breakthroughs in Bitcoin. The mistake if you do this is to get the fuck out before it crashes or else you're stuck holding the HIGHEST price or near the highest price that coin has ever went to.

    If you don't get out in time you're stuck either holding the highest price ever or selling at a loss.

    It's better to sell at a slight loss than to wait an indefinite amount of time hoping the coin will ever come back to that price. By that time if you sell at a loss & play your cards right you'll have recouped your loss & then some.

    My local news today actually ran a story saying "Right now is the perfect time to invest in Bitcoin. It broke it's all time high record" lol.

    Bitcoin crashed hard today & bounced back a little. You never want to buy into something at it's highest price cause there's normally a crash coming & if you invest at the tippy top of that rise & it crashes you're fucked. You better be ready to exit & paying attention to what the market is doing of you plan to sit on crypto when it's breaking records.

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