Which Coins Will Survive the Next Bear Market? | Ep. 67

Which coins do you think are worth just buying for the long run, and which ones are good for trading if they don’t have a future as bright as BTC and ETH?


  1. Could you do a deep dive of shiba inu please? The reason I ask is because all the other crypto channels are apologizing and saying that they were wrong about Shiba Inu, even bit boy crypto Ben has some in his portfolio. After you research Shiba Inu, shibaswap, Shibarium, shiboshis, shiba Inu is being used as a currency, let us know about the utilities and such from a research point of view, thank you guys so much, love your show.

  2. I read that Satoshi Nakamoto literally means "central intelligence" in Japanese. Bitcoin seemingly just came into existence; coincidentally after the market crash of 2008. Nobody knows the true story which obviously means Bitcoin was created by the devil. Bitcoin was a seed that was planted, and it has since expanded in all directions like roots. It is leading to the creation of CBDCs…and the future of currency as we know it. Currency that will be digitally issued to us and controlled.

  3. Exactly as you said. As much as I am bullish on Polkadot and other crypto i am not taking the risk to hold it through bear market.
    Take profits and slowly DCA during bear.

  4. I moved Some ERC 20 twice today and the ETH Pirates (blood sucking miners) only charged me about $25 per transaction! I know y’all are bullish on ETH but I think they will never control their fees… then again I see why the bankers are piling in.

  5. I'm holding my ATOM forever (and many other Cosmos IBC coins, like JUNO, OSMO, AKT, DVPN)

    Between staking and LPing, I'm getting so many more token every day. I have no plans on selling in the next years, so the fluctuations in price don't bother me. The Cosmos ecosystem is here to stay, so there will always be value there.

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