Why Cryptocurrency is the Greatest Investment of the Decade?

Today we look at why investing in cryptocurrency is the greatest investment you can make in the next decade AND why it was also the best investment in the …


  1. Get into altcoins guys it is the bull rush. Good points jesse about the blockchain but have u seen HBAR hedera hashgraph. Also Bitcoin is really slow, so to replace usd with btc might be a a bit of a push. Btc will be the gold and something else would have to replace the US dollar

  2. This is such important info! Thank you Jesse! I really could use the help on this whole cryptocurrency buying! I know nothing and really need the help! Any and all help is really appreciated!

  3. Would love to see a video going more in depth on how to calculate the risks before you trade. Going into the army soon and would love to be investing while im in so i have more to my name when im out.

  4. jesse i’ve been watching you since 2015, followed the full psycho series from eagles landing to now. i wanna hear about smaller stocks as well that have a ton of potential. i’m sure many other people would love to hear about them too.

  5. Not all traders have a trading system or investment plan, sometimes they buy or sell only based on guessing. Which isn't likely to work out too well for anyone trading in the Cryptocurrency markets over the long run sooner or later , they are wiped out of the market, thus are not among the 10% of successful trades. By not having a plan, you are planning to fail. Every successful trader always had a trading system and investment plan he applies while he trades. The question here is what exactly is the trading system?? This explain better why I have been profiting daily now. Contact me for more info. dr9484158@gmail.com

  6. Here's my idea, since you still have the following from the phyco series why not make your channel more about destroying things for fun and turn yourself into the crazy person! I feel like that would get your viewers to come back in bulk

  7. wonder if he realizes that his demographics market is not adults its 8-20 year old how much $ does he think they have we dont have million dollar bank accounts. please dont take his advise just cause he is your favorite You tuber

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  9. RFI is hands down the best crypto for gains right now – the chart tells it all. Nothing has been close the past few weeks. No need to stake, the divs automatically enter your wallet!

    WISE token is going to be the next crazy upward mover. Massive Liquidity in Uni for a price floor. Completely finished project, audited and 100% fair. This is not a pump and dump. It is truly what DeFi should be. If you get in on anything new in 2021, this should be it…

  10. genuinely the only person i've ever seen talk so in depth and simple to understand about finance. grew up watching your series' and it's crazy that im actually learning from your knowledge preciate u a lot man keep up your amazing fkn work bro

  11. Robertz_1 on telegram is your guy. Invest in his company and grow your money. They are super legit you get to fund your own account with your account pass and monitor your investment while they trade for you. You get 80% of the profit made.

  12. Have u heard of the new cryptocurrency pi network(and bee Network)?Its a new coin that u can mine for free from ur phone .People say it’s a great opportunity and the mining gains will soon drop to zero.It has 10M users already !Anyway if u guys wanna start u can use my invitation code tomtheomni.Good luck

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