Why Holding Cryptocurrency is NOT the Best Strategy – Tip 4

Matthew is no beginner to trading. He started day trading stocks back in 2012 before eventually moving into a full time trader …


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  3. Hi Matt, when you say take your profits, do you switch them into USD if there is no immediate next trade? Especially for us beginners, is it wise to take the profit and move it to USD holdings until we feel confident about buying another coin?

  4. Great video again as always, and I completely agree. One question though you said this: ' Im a big advocate of taking profits, compounding your gains and rolling them into the next play '.
    So if I understand the video correctly the hold mentality has to do with the type of account you have. This means:

    – Small portfolio: Keep trading, no holding at all. Try to build a big purse

    – Large portfolio: Trading with part of your portfolio and holding with the rest ( I have a feeling this is what you do, Im sure you dont trade with 100% of your portfolio as that would be crazy risk taking )

  5. While this approach may be totally well reasoned and legit…it is based on the heavy assumption that everyone has enough trading skills to read charts well, pick patterns and execute good trades. Fact is that is not always the case. If you are not a good trader and find yourself having bought at ATH prices in coins then your best strategy IS to hold. Otherwise you are more at risk of getting chopped to pieces and destroying your investment.

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