why today share market heavy fall? cryptocurrency , pharma ,, b.1.1.529 variant corona virus tamil

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  1. Bro foreign country lea corona case increase achi na.. Yanna reason ku nifty down agum.. Pls solluga.. Yanaku confused agudhu bro.. Yanna reason.. Nanu share market ku new bro… So pls solluga…

  2. Happy Birthday anney ❤️ I have been following you for the past one year.i came into stock market with zero knowledge.learned a lot from you ❤️ never done trade without seeing your videos.in these market I crossed so many people's but, I promise you that I have never seen such a genuine person who never ask a single rupee from others ❤️👍 the way you concern for others never changed, throughout dis one year of journey. Keep guiding us 😍 stay blessed anney ❤️🙌

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