Your NFT Art Won't Sell Unless You Do This

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are an extremely exciting opportunity for graphic designers and digital artists. For the artists interested in getting into this space, the …


  1. OMG, EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- 💜 P.TAYR.BAR 💜

  2. To all the people saying that they said nothing about selling in this video, they actually said a lot and gave enough info for a beginner, just because you don't understand marketing and most of it went over your head, doesn't mean they said nothing.

  3. And it’s overly excited contrived vids like this that are helping really bad artists sell absolute nonsense to idiots that watch these vids for silly money. I think the base reality is you do need to understand art to some extents, even if it’s not your taste you need to imagine another’s tast! Only say as a friend of mine has spent silly money (as it’s a new investment fad) on absolute shit!

  4. I have a community but they are not into NFT, I am into NFT now and I have to think of new ways to build this cyber community. It’s NOT easy for a 50 yr old old school guy 😠

  5. As an Artist I would and I do create art, am I a marketing wizard? No so I do t sell much as yet, I’m grinding now because I know it’s fucking hard to monetise something….
    But I fucking love creating art
    and I willl continue to create art till I die

  6. “Community building” is a meaningless buzzword phrase. Notice how that little term wasn’t really explained and they didn’t expound on how that’s done. Instead, they told stories about buying things that aren’t NFT’s and how Gary likes 80’s pop culture.

  7. As we head into this digital age, I see NFTs as another tool to create a divide between the rich/ successful and poor. If you already have a large social media following, you’ll make money selling NFTs. If you don’t, then you will be hidden in a dark corner of cyber space never to be seen!

  8. Let me tell you one thing guys……
    Nft is not a place for people who admire art and wants to buy it. If you think nft is something that people will buy it out of admiration then you’re wrong. They buy it because they know it will sell, doesnt matter if they like it or not. Its buy and sell. Its a simple transaction just like cryptocurrencies or stock market.

  9. For me, as an artist…

    …I think about it this way.

    If I make something I love, then I'll never feel badly if it doesn't sell, because I'll still get the reward of satisfaction at how it turned out.

    Creation is is own reward.

    Would I prefer selling a bunch to not?


    But my happiness isn't wrapped up in it.

  10. Question for anyone seeing this. Gary talks about building a connection, do you think this counts?….I'm an artist, new to NFT's, but I have been trying to build a connection by posting videos with just being goofy and singing and I am a terrible terrible singer. They are supposed to be funny and just bring people into my world.

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